Ontem acordei a meio da noite e a meio de um sonho.
Estava num concurso de escorregas aquáticos (concurso quase olímpico, com notas de 0 a 5). Fazia parte duma equipa. Era o último a participar.
O Apresentador (o Diogo Beja - porquê?já não vejo ou oiço o rapaz "faz tempo"...) demorou imenso tempo a apresentar-me. Enervei-me. A prova (descer um escorrega aquático!?!!!) não correu como queria, e estava em conversações para apresentar queixa.
Mas, entretanto acordei. fui à casa de banho e adormeci.
Estava acompanhado de uma rapariga. No sonho estava interessado nela. Vivemos uma aventura semi-policial. A caminho de casa (para o barco, imagine-se) ela diz-me que tem mais de 40 anos. Olho para ela e há qualquer coisa na forma como a via que muda. Rapidamente, desconverso, corro com ela e apanho o barco. Sozinho.
E acordo...atarantado.
O mundo dos sonhos é um mundo giro, mas querer retirar sentidos de tudo isto...nem Freud:p
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Ao FJV por mais um ano de A Origem das Espécies.
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Aqui, em Dezembro.
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Macgyver em Stargate!

Via: (Luzo)
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Showtógrafo: segundo uma jornalista da Sic, a referida estação criou o conceito atrás nomeado. Aparentemente, consiste num concerto e sessão de autógrafos.
Eu pergunto, a Sic criou o quê? O neologismo? só se foi, e mesmo assim...
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Nunca fui muito expansivo no que diz respeito a figuras públicas. De vez em quando passavam por mim, olhava para elas, comentava com alguém (olha, quem ali está) e pouco mais.
De qualquer modo, quando era puto havia poucos ídolos. Ouvíamos (alguns) os Ministars e os Onda Choc, a Ana Faria e o Avô Cantigas, pouco mais.
Ainda vi ao vivo, a Maria "Eu vi um sapo" Armanda.
MAs, mesmo assim os pais não andavam connosco de concerto para concerto, para pedir um autógrafo. Um papel assinado?!
Hoje, com os Morangos e a Floribella a realidade é outra. A mim passa-me um bocado ao lado, ao mesmo tempo que me causa uma certa estranheza.
Estes gaiatos, e já agora, os pais também, não têm mais nada que fazer?
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No Funchal, passa por mim uma sra. com uma tshirt em que se pode ler: seis, três vezes, em três línguas diferentes.
"Claramente, uma besta poliglota!" - comento com a namorada.
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Eu sei que já não jogamos à bola há muito tempo.
O verão quente não deixa.
Mas, ontem ao ouvir o Presidente do Benfica a falar lembrei-me que podíamos ir jogar à Luz, o Sr. Filipe Vieira disse que jogava com quem lá estivesse.
E ao menos, não pagávamos campo.
Querem ir?
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Só vi a 1ª parte.
O Pepe continua a atrapalhar-se e a revelar falta de QI, o Bosingwa é, na minha opinião, bem pior jogador do que nos querem vender e fez uma primeira parte desastrada.
De resto, ainda é demasiado cedo.
O que é que colocaram no relvado que os desgraçados estavam sempre a escorregar?
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What Life Was Like at the Turn of the Second Millennium: An American's World
Excerpt from Hooking Up by Tom Wolfe.
Copyright © 2000 by Tom Wolfe.
Published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux, LLC.
All rights reserved.
By the year 2000, the term "working class" had fallen into disuse in the United States, and "proletariat" was so obsolete it was known only to a few bitter old Marxist academics with wire hair sprouting out of their ears. The average electrician, air-conditioning mechanic, or burglar-alarm repairman lived a life that would have made the Sun King blink. He spent his vacations in Puerto Vallarta, Barbados, or St. Kitts. Before dinner he would be out on the terrace of some resort hotel with his third wife, wearing his Ricky Martin cane-cutter shirt open down to the sternum, the better to allow his gold chains to twinkle in his chest hairs. The two of them would have just ordered a round of Quibel sparkling water, from the state of West Virginia, because by 2000 the once-favored European sparkling waters Perrier and San Pellegrino seemed so tacky.European labels no longer held even the slightest snob appeal except among people known as "intellectuals," whom we will visit in a moment. Our typical mechanic or tradesman took it for granted that things European were second-rate. Aside from three German luxury automobiles—the Mercedes-Benz, the BMW, and the Audi—he regarded European-manufactured goods as mediocre to shoddy. On his trips abroad, our electrician, like any American businessman, would go to superhuman lengths to avoid being treated in European hospitals, which struck him as little better than those in the Third World. He considered European hygiene so primitive that to receive an injection in a European clinic voluntarily was sheer madness.Indirectly, subconsciously, his views perhaps had to do with the fact that his own country, the United States, was now the mightiest power on earth, as omnipotent as Macedon under Alexander the Great, Rome under Julius Caesar, Mongolia under Genghis Khan, Turkey under Mohammed II, or Britain under Queen Victoria. His country was so powerful, it had begun to invade or rain missiles upon small nations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean for no other reason than that their leaders were lording it over their subjects at home.Our air-conditioning mechanic had probably never heard of Saint-Simon's, but he was fulfilling Saint-Simon's and the other nineteenth-century utopian socialists' dreams of a day when the ordinary workingman would have the political and personal freedom, the free time and the wherewithal to express himself in any way he saw fit and to unleash his full potential. Not only that, any ethnic or racial group—any, even recent refugees from a Latin country—could take over the government of any American city, if they had the votes and a modicum of organization. Americans could boast of a freedom as well as a power unparalleled in the history of the world.Our typical burglar-alarm repairman didn't display one erg of chauvinistic swagger, however. He had been numbed by the aforementioned "intellectuals," who had spent the preceding eighty years being indignant over what a "puritanical," "repressive," "bigoted," "capitalistic," and "fascist" nation America was beneath its democratic façades. It made his head hurt. Besides, he was too busy coping with what was known as the "sexual revolution." If anything, "sexual revolution" was rather a prim term for the lurid carnival actually taking place in the mightiest country on earth in the year 2000. Every magazine stand was a riot of bare flesh, rouged areolae, moistened crevices, and stiffened giblets: boys with girls, girls with girls, boys with boys, bare-breasted female bodybuilders, so-called boys with breasts, riding backseat behind steroid-gorged bodybuilding bikers, naked except for cache-sexes and Panzer helmets, on huge chromed Honda or Harley-Davidson motorcycles.But the magazines were nothing compared with what was offered on an invention of the 1990s, the Internet. By 2000, an estimated 50 percent of all hits, or "log-ons," were at Web sites purveying what was known as "adult material." The word "pornography" had disappeared down the memory hole along with "proletariat." Instances of marriages breaking up because of Web-sex addiction were rising in number. The husband, some fifty-two-year-old MRI technician or systems analyst, would sit in front of the computer for twenty-four or more hours at a stretch. Nothing that the wife could offer him in the way of sexual delights or food could compare with the one-handing he was doing day and night as he sat before the PC and logged on to such images as a girl with bare breasts and a black leather corset standing with one foot on the small of a naked boy's back, brandishing a whip.In 1999, the year before, this particular sexual kink—sadomasochism—had achieved not merely respectability but high chic, and the word "perversion" had become as obsolete as "pornography" and "proletariat." Fashion pages presented the black leather and rubber paraphernalia as style's cutting edge. An actress named Rene Russo blithely recounted in the Living section of one of America's biggest newspapers how she had consulted a former dominatrix named Eva Norvind, who maintained a dungeon replete with whips and chains and assorted baffling leather masks, chokers, and cuffs, in order to prepare for a part as an aggressive, self-obsessed agent provocateur in The Thomas Crown Affair, Miss Russo's latest movie."Sexy" was beginning to replace "chic" as the adjective indicating what was smart and up-to-the-minute. In the year 2000, it was standard practice for the successful chief executive officer of a corporation to shuck his wife of two to three decades' standing for the simple reason that her subcutaneous packing was deteriorating, her shoulders and upper back were thickening like a shot-putter's—in short, she was no longer sexy. Once he set up the old wife in a needlepoint shop where she could sell yam to her friends, he was free to take on a new wife, a "trophy wife," preferably a woman in her twenties, and preferably blond, as in an expression from that time, a "lemon tart." What was the downside? Was the new couple considered radioactive socially? Did people talk sotto voce, behind the hand, when the tainted pair came by? Not for a moment. All that happened was that everybody got on the cell phone or the Internet and rang up or E-mailed one another to find out the spelling of the new wife's first name, because it was always some name like Serena and nobody was sure how to spell it. Once that was written down in the little red Scully ∓ Scully address book that was so popular among people of means, the lemon tart and her big CEO catch were invited to all the parties, as though nothing had happened.Meanwhile, sexual stimuli bombarded the young so incessantly and intensely they were inflamed with a randy itch long before reaching puberty. At puberty the dams, if any were left, burst. In the nineteenth century, entire shelves used to be filled with novels whose stories turned on the need for women, such as Anna Karenina or Madame Bovary, to remain chaste or to maintain a façade of chastity. In the year 2000, a Tolstoy or a Flaubert wouldn't have stood a chance in the United States. From age thirteen, American girls were under pressure to maintain a façade of sexual experience and sophistication. Among girls, "virgin" was a term of contempt. The old term "dating"—referring to a practice in which a boy asked a girl out for the evening and took her to the movies or dinner—was now deader than "proletariat" or "pornography" or "perversion." In junior high school, high school, and college, girls headed out in packs in the evening, and boys headed out in packs, hoping to meet each other fortuitously. If they met and some girl liked the looks of some boy, she would give him the nod, or he would give her the nod, and the two of them would retire to a halfway-private room and "hook up."

Hooking Up de Tom Wolfe está à venda na FNAC por 5€. Cinco!

Este excerto é somente uma pequena parte do primeiro artigo. Mas, acho que já deu para ter uma ideia...

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